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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

A good place to start


We sold a cart to a client many months ago who asked us to keep an eye out for this stool she wanted to match. It was a Hallowell. She sent us a photo. We had seen them, like one has seen a yacht, but may not know much about them.

We were out and about inquiring about industrial pieces and such that people have stacked in some warehouse. Ended up at this amazingly huge spot. 5 floors, what felt like a maze. And Scott found a stool. A Toledo architect's stool. In phenomenal shape. He nabbed that thing and we made an offer. All it needed was a little cleaning, because we like the wear that you see on the seat. Someone used this and look at it. Gorgeous. Stools are the thing now, which makes sense with all of the vintage industrial furniture out there.

That is one thing that we are happy to restore and then sell: something that is a unique, gorgeous, rustic, yet tactile object of art that happens to be functional. Just look at it. Wow. There are so many treasures waiting to be found. Just need to keep on looking.